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This sophisticated ACS software serves as a potent solution empowering service providers and network administrators to control and configure an extensive variety of TR-069-compliant CPE devices, including but not limited to routers, modems, and IP phones. Advantages of deploying Panther Admin's ACS software in your network are numerous:

In addition, Panther Admin's ACS harnesses the power of our XMPP service, which enhances its reach to CPE devices, enabling more seamless and reliable communication within the network.


  • Easy Integration via REST API: Panther Admin's ACS software is equipped with a REST API, allowing for seamless integration with other systems and applications. This ensures streamlined operations and facilitates custom developments tailored to your specific network needs.
  • Streamlined Provisioning: Utilizing the TR-069 protocol, our Panther Admin's ACS software ensures efficient and standardized provisioning of CPE devices, thus reducing setup times and fostering uniformity across networks.
  • Comprehensive CPE Monitoring: Our ACS software effectively utilizes the TR-369 protocol in combination with TR-069, promoting robust and efficient monitoring of CPE devices, crucial for maintaining optimum network performance.
  • Enhanced Reach: Using the XMPP service, Panther Admin's ACS software can efficiently communicate with CPE devices, making network management more seamless and reliable.
  • Effective Remote Administration: Leveraging the TR-069 protocol, our ACS software enables the effective remote management and configuration of CPE devices. This functionality allows for efficient setting modifications, software updates, and remote troubleshooting, eliminating the need for onsite visits.
  • Automated Device Provisioning: The ACS software simplifies and expedites the installation and configuration process through automation. With predefined standard configurations, the software can easily deploy settings across multiple devices, saving invaluable time and resources.
  • Wide Device Compatibility: Our ACS software supports an extensive array of TR-069 compliant CPE devices. This includes devices like ADSL routers, cable modems, and VoIP phones, irrespective of manufacturer, promoting comprehensive network management.
  • Detailed Monitoring and Troubleshooting: The ACS software provides intricate monitoring and troubleshooting functionalities for CPE devices. It enables administrators to retrieve device status, diagnose network issues, and conduct remote troubleshooting, ensuring minimal downtime and optimal network performance.
  • Advanced Security Measures: We prioritize security in managing CPE devices. Our ACS software employs advanced security features, including data communication encryption and authentication, to ascertain that only authorized personnel have access to device settings and configurations.
  • Scalability and Adaptability: Designed with scalability and flexibility in mind, our ACS software can effectively manage a vast number of CPE devices. This ensures the software can grow and adapt with your network, making it a future-proof choice for your business.
If you choose to use the Panther Admin ACS system, you will receive configuration of your environment through online workshops in collaboration with an expert. We will share knowledge and ensure that you get up and running with your desired setup.

Supported devices

More devices are supported, as this list is not automatically updated. Please give us a call if you are unsure whether the devices you have are supported.

Arris (DOCSIS)

  • TG3442
  • TG6441

AVM (DOCSIS, Fiber, DSL, Ethernet and Mobile)

  • 7530
  • 7530 AX
  • 7590
  • 7590 AX
  • 6660
  • 6690
  • 4060
  • 5530
  • 5590
  • 6850 LTE
  • 6850 5G

Cisco (DOCSIS)

  • EPC3940
  • EPC3949

Genexis (Fiber)

  • FiberTwist G2410

Icotera (Fiber / Ethernet)

Wi-Fi 6 routers and AP's:
  • i4882
  • i4883
  • i3560
i4882 Wi-Fi 5 routers and AP's
  • i4850
  • i3550
Fiber termination products:
  • i5900
  • i6900
  • i6400

Technicolor (DOCSIS)

  • CGA2121
  • CGA4233
  • CGA4236


  • 769504
  • 769514

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Network provisioning and monitoring of Ethernet, DOCSIS, and PON networks. Support for TR069, SNMP, and Telnet, as well as various proprietary formats for devices such as Unifi, Ligowave, and Grandstream.


Autoboarding via registration system and self-service. REST API for custom-built solutions. WordPress plugin to set up the registration system and self-service without the need for custom development.


A system for administration of all elements. Simple, intuitive system for automation of daily tasks. Advanced permission system.


Billing that integrates with all modern payment systems. Built-in accounting system. Possibility of integration with external accounting systems.

Functional areas

Subscriber Management

In Panther Admin, all subscriber-related tasks can be performed with just a few clicks. Each screen can be restricted based on user rights and work area, ensuring appropriate access and control.

Subscription Management

Panther Admin provides comprehensive subscription management features. It allows for easy creation, modification, and tracking of subscriptions for your customers or members. You can manage subscription plans, pricing, billing cycles, and renewal options efficiently within the system.

DOCSIS Provisioning and monitoring

Panther Admin excels in DOCSIS provisioning. Daily routines related to modems can be performed with just a few clicks. CMTS (Cable Modem Termination System) and modems are automatically monitored, with a historical view of telemetry data, making any system errors or issues easily identifiable.

PON Provisioning and monitoring

Panther Admin is also strong in PON provisioning. It allows for easy management of PON devices and configuration of services. Monitoring of the PON network is an integrated feature that provides a detailed view of device status, performance metrics, and alarm events. This enables operators to ensure stable and reliable operation of the PON infrastructure.

LAN/Ethernet provisioning and monitoring

Panther Admin excels in Ethernet provisioning. Daily provisioning tasks on switch equipment can be performed with just a few clicks. All relevant information from switch ports is accessible for support purposes.

Wi-Fi PTMP/PTP provisioning and monitoring.

Panther Admin is strong in Wi-Fi PTMP provisioning. Daily routines for provisioning the base and station can be performed with just a few clicks. All relevant information from the base and station is available for support.

Self-service protal

Panther Admin's self-service functionality allows members to handle most routines themselves and as needed. Processes can be set up so that tasks related to provisioning and billing can be performed instantly or after approval.

Debtor settlement

Panther Admin enables the settlement of debtors using most known payment methods, fully or partially automated. It supports reminder procedures with task management, such as filter removal, as well as automation for registered payments.

Financial accounting

Panther Admin integrates with most major accounting systems, but it also includes a simple financial accounting module. The financial accounting system allows for the uploading of vouchers, trial balance, VAT reporting, and more.

Automation of business processes

Most tasks in Panther Admin can be automated. This results in high efficiency in daily work, systematic organization, and the ability for multiple individuals to participate in all tasks.